The Girl On The Train- Paula Hawkins



Earlier this year, this book was all over my Twitter feed and I eventually managed to get my hands on a copy. The premise interests me- a commuter, Rachel, sees the same couple everyday when her train stops at a signal. She’s imagined the perfect life for them, imagines that their relationship is unbreakable. So her life gets quite complicated when the woman goes missing. Rachel decides to try and help, except she’s an alcoholic and the missing woman happens to live four doors down from her ex-husband and his new family. As you can imagine, it gets a bit messy.

It’s quite an interesting story and interesting way to position a thriller from the point of view of a woman with little in her life but the past and a strong fantasy life. Unfortunately, she’s a bit of a loose cannon and an unreliable narrator.  However, this takes this whodunnit out of the typical category- after all, could I really trust my own interpretation of what I was reading? Red herrings often turn out to be more complex (and have more truth hidden within) than first thought and I was certainly kept on my toes.

This novel gets compared to Gone Girl and I think that’s a bit unfair. I would certainly say that while there are elements (a woman goes missing, her husband is the suspect), it’s a more satisfying read and I found the ending more satisfying. I did have an inkling as to the ending, but that’s the fun of this type of novel- having your suspicions confirmed at the end. This is definitely one novel that I felt deserved the hype it received.

Source: borrowed from a friend

Format: hardback

Pages: 320 pages



  1. I agree with you, that the comparison to Gone Girl is unfair. I found the ending more satisfying too, it has the same elements, but not the same feel.


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