Outwitting Squirrels and Other Garden Pests and Nuisances- Anne Wareham

Outwitting Squirrels: And Other Garden Pests and Nuisances (June)

I read gardening books. It’s not necessarily cool, but it’s true. I read them like other people read food books. I borrowed this from the library as I am currently getting quite sweary with regards to the slug population in my garden. They’ve eaten their way through quite the spectrum of possible world food-related vegetables. Gits. Another thing that sold me was that the author had written another book called ‘The Bad Tempered Gardener’. I think next door’s six year old overheard me being quite grumpy while gardening, so this is obviously  the book for me.

In terms of practical advice, you could (and would) probably find better books- but this did make me laugh. The witty style is perfect for reluctant gardeners and those who don’t take themselves too seriously.

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