Review: A Game For All The Family- Sophie Hannah*

A Game for All the Family (Aug)

I read a lot of what are termed ‘domestic thrillers’, but Sophie Hannah is queen of them. Twists, turns and pop culture references (in this book, it’s The Good Wife, in her last, The Gruffalo makes a cameo) make A Game For All The Family a brilliantly tense read. Oh- and one of my favourite types of dog, Bedlington terrier, features heavily.

I’ll stop here a sec so you can look at a Bedlington. As a kid, I thought they looked like sheep:

Image: Wikipedia
Image: Wikipedia

Anyway. So. Justine is moving to Devon from London and plans to do Nothing. She’s given up a high powered TV drama job and is looking forward to a change in life. With her opera singing husband Alex and precocious teenage daughter Ellen, she’s about to move into beautiful Speedwell House.

But then stuff starts to get weird- Justine starts to get strange threatening phone calls and Ellen becomes obsessed with writing a strange murder mystery. Is Justine’s plan to do Nothing going awry?

This book is chock full of red herrings and I loved every second I was reading it; I found I was second-guessing what was happening (often wrongly!) and I liked the characters- flawed as they were- enough to care what happened to them. I’m not sure everyone will be 100% convinced by the ending, but do you know what? It’s twisty and thrilling enough to be forgiven.

*Sent for review


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