A Book For Her- Bridget Christie

A Book for Her (Sept):

A few weeks ago, I reviewed Polly Vernon’s Hot Feminist and was a bit baffled by some of the ideas; when I was reading this book, about Bridget Christie’s role as the ‘feminist stand up comedian’, I found myself thinking “THIS is what a funny book about feminism should be about.”

That’s not to say it’s all laughs; there are some very serious ideas in here. Christie deals with all sorts of issues- motherhood, comedy, Catholicism, being a woman in general- with wit and panache. Her raison d’etre is combatting FGM, a topic that I knew of, but knew shamefully little about. Thanks to this book, I will be looking into it and educating myself more about it.

But, generally, this reads like stand up. Tangents are taken, ideas are connected through the book and sometimes I felt like I had a bit of whiplash- ideas in the book change quickly and Christie has a ‘butterfly brain’, where lots of ideas seem a bit random at first but ultimately end up being connected. It’s very similar to how I often think, so I definitely *got* this style of writing. Christie herself is dry, funny and self-deprecating, but she’s also definitely angry. There are times in the book when you can almost hear her eyes rolling.

She’s at pains to reassure you that it’s not a feminist book in the vein of Caitlin Moran’s How To Be A Woman, which is the current gold standard for this kind of feminism, and it’s not. It’s ostensibly a book about how Christie wrote her award winning shows A Bic For Her and An Ungrateful Woman, but it’s also about her own journey through feminism. Helpfully, there’s a list of recommended books at the back too.

If you like comedy and gender equality, this could definitely be the book for you…

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