Find Her-Lisa Gardner*

It’s hard to ignore a book when it comes to you in a bag with a sticker promising a sleepless night and then comes with a kit designed to keep you awake at night:

Wow, a survival kit... will I be up all night?! #booksofInstagram #bookpost:

Although I can’t drink coffee, I appreciated  the gesture (and enjoyed the chocolate- haven’t had a Boost in years!) And yes, Find Her did live it up to its gripping promise. I took a break from the Bronte Project to read it and I did so in three days. The fact that I managed to do so, despite being knackered and having a toddler going through a mini-teenage stage shows how much I enjoyed it.

The plot focuses on Flora, a young woman with a traumatic past- a victim of abduction, where she was held captive in a coffin for over a year- she’s now treading a fine line between victim and vigilante. And when she goes missing for a second time, Sergeant Detective D.D. Warren is on the case. Has Flora gone of her own accord, or is something darker at play?

This is definitely a book with twists and turns (I found myself suspecting the wrong person at least three times) and I wanted desperately to find out what happened. I also enjoyed the use of Flora as a first person narrator and the third person narration used in the investigative chapters. The two female protagonists are compelling, brave and interesting and I loved reading their stories.

Was it an easy read? Yes, fairly. But that’s not to say it wasn’t an enjoyable read- and it was the perfect break from some of the heavier stuff I’ve been reading lately. As thrillers go, it’s a bit of a cracker.


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