BBAW: Day 3-Under the Influence

I solemnly swear that I would never blog under the influence of anything stronger than a cup of tea! However, the theme for today’s blog is how I’m influenced by others on social media.

Although I’m not really influenced by bloggers, per se, I do find Twitter a brilliant source of reading inspiration. I follow lots of publishers, publicists and authors and have made friends with some of them, too!

One of my favourite authors discovered via Twitter is the lovely Katherine Clements, who writes wonderful historical fiction set in the 17th century. Her heroines are feisty and adventurous. It really is worth checking out her books if you can.

The Silvered Heart (May) I also discovered two of my favourite books of last year via Twitter- The Miniaturist and A God in Ruins.

A God in Ruins (Jun)

I also discovered Louise O’Neill via blogs and Twitter, after a few friends raved about her books. I would say she was my favourite ‘find’ of the last year.

Asking for it (Dec):

I also really like asking for recommendations on social media and seeing people’s books on the #iamreading tag on Instagram for more inspiration. The internet is basically a huge book club if you know where to look.

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