BBAW: Day 5- Avoiding burnout

Hello! Welcome to BBAW 2016’s final post on my blog! Amazingly, I managed to complete the week- a first. Hurrah!


The topic today is how avoid blog/reading burnout… this is definitely something I’m familiar with. I’ve been a serial blogger over the years, but this is the longest I’ve kept blogging regularly; I have this blog and my main blog.

To be honest, if one of my blogs is going to suffer from burnout or writer’s block, it’ll be the other blog. As I use this one primarily as a place to document what I read and when, it’s just updated as and when I need it (which is actually why participating in BBAW has been so good- I’ve had tons of non-review ideas I can use in future.)

I also don’t set myself reading targets, as that adds pressure, although I am struggling a bit with my Bronte project- but I’ve just made sure that I break up my reading a bit with quick reads. So it’s important to think of other things I can post so that I don’t get too hung up on it all.

But most importantly, I try not to beat myself up if I don’t get stuff written. Sometimes, life gets in the way- and blogging my thoughts on a book is never going to be life and death! It’s important to enjoy it, otherwise what’s the point?


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