CREATIVITY//Big Magic- Elizabeth Gilbert

Big Magic (June):  If you follow me on Twitter, you’ll have seen that recently I’ve been giving novel-writing a go, mainly just to see if I can complete it, rather than with dreams to be the next JK Rowling (although, be honest- we’ve all been there!) As I was really struggling with my inner critic- and can I just say that she is a complete cow- a couple of people recommended this book to me.

Now, it’s not my usual kind of thing and, in places, it was a bit schmaltzy for my taste. But, overall, I’d say the advice Gilbert offers for living creatively (which I applied to writing) is sound: don’t do it for glory, do it because you want to. Work through the fear. Allow the inner critic some space, but not ALL the space.

And funnily enough, I’ve found that taking intense pressure off myself and giving myself permission (!) to enjoy the process has really helped. So it was worth the library reservation fee for that, really. I’d definitely recommend it if you’re in a creative rut of any kind, if only to make you shake it off.

(I’m avoiding the temptation to insert a Taylor Swift gif here like you wouldn’t believe…)

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