The Wander Society- Keri Smith


I often go for little rambles on my own- podcast playing on my phone, headphones on. Since I gave up running, it’s my main form of exercise. Having bought Wreck This Journal (which-am I right in thinking- has ‘inspired’ the books of a well-known Youtuber?) ages ago, I decided to get this from the library.

Eh. It’s based around the idea that Smith has discovered a secret society in Brooklyn (where else?) based around Walt Whitman’s poetry. It speculates that many artists and writers were also part of this secret society and that you can be too, if you do a bit of hipster-y mindfulness out and about. This in turn will lead to creativity and a better life. Or something.

Has it spawned a proper movement? I dunno. It’s meant to be secret, but if you were going to see any of the signs mentioned in the book, you’d probably see them in Brighton. I haven’t, yet.



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