Fiction//Her Husband’s Lover-Julia Crouch*


What do you do when you’re the only one to walk away from the crash that claimed the lives of your kids and the abusive husband that you were running away from? That’s the problem that Louisa has to face in this dark, gritty novel. That problem would be bad enough- especially when you’ve been through months of coma and rehab- without the woman he was having an affair with blackmailing you.

Despite dodgy odds, Louisa manages to start a new life and begins to move on from her tragedy. A new flat, a new job and new love means that life is looking up for her at last. In all except one area- Sophie, the lover in the title of the novel, looms endlessly in the background, plotting and scheming to disrupt Louisa’s new reality. And this time she has a baby.

This is a rollercoaster of a novel; events and characters are never entirely not what they initially seem and the ending floored me. This is a novel that made me feel like I was on quicksand a lot of the time- I couldn’t trust my judgments… and I liked it. It’s a thriller in every and all senses of the word.

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