YOUNG ADULT//The Graces-Laure Eve


I blame The Craft for my teenage obsession with all things witchy- I read tarot cards, I had hundreds of crystals, the works. I guess it was all about being in control at a time when you feel ultimately powerless and that the universe is playing a huge joke on you (oh, that sounds familiar right now…) Anyway, I grew out of it and kind of forgot all about it. Then recently I saw someone on The Pool saying that they were reading this and I became intrigued all over again, especially as it was described as ‘The Craft… but in Cornwall.’ SOLD. A friend offered to lend it to me and so on I went.

River is the new girl at school, broken and confused after her father has abruptly left. She becomes fascinated with a trio of rich, beautiful siblings- the Graces- who emanate an air of mystery and magic. After she becomes best friend with the youngest Grace, Summer, River finds herself drawn into a world dominated by secrets, curses and mystery and she must battle for her place within it.

The book was OK; it didn’t grab me in the same way- for example- as Louise O’Neill‘s work. But I know that teenage me, who was obsessed with witches/vampires/werewolves (there was a series, pre-Twilight by about ten years, I have no idea what it was called though), would have lapped this up. But as a 32-year-old, I didn’t feel it had the cross-generational appeal of some other YA book, at least not for me. But hey, horses for courses. I know some of my students will LOVE THIS and I’ll make sure that I recommend it. It also ends as if there may be a sequel, which will please many readers, I’m sure.

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