NON-FICTION//Little Black Book: A Toolkit for Working Women- Otegha Uwagba


I recently left my job as a teacher after ten years (long story) and I have been feeling a bit wary about getting back into the job market after so much time away, especially when I haven’t had a non-teaching job interview in twelve years. This little book was a great way of getting my head back in the game, as it’s full of really great advice and tips. Although it’s geared mainly towards women in creative and/or freelance careers, it’s a good place to start when embarking on career decisions, whether that’s applying or pitching for jobs or asking for a payrise. There are also loads of quotes and snippets of advice from women in lots of different spheres of work. I also got a sense that I would have loved this when I was actually making some money from my blogs (ahaha, that time has *passed*, my friends.)

Overall, it’s just really good to have all the career tips and advice in one place- it’s a little cheerleader of a book that could really help you feel confident in your next career move.

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