NON-FICTION//How Not To Kill Your Plants- Nik Southern

How Not To Kill Your Plants (Aug) Plants are having a bit of a moment, aren’t they? I have loads at home, in almost every room and I definitely would like more (I would love a huge plant in my work room, but I don’t think it gets enough light.) I can be a bit lazy though and, actually, as I type this I can see my peace lily looking a bit sad. Again. Anyway, I thought I’d take a look at this book, written by the owner of London florist Grace and Thorn.

I’ve read a few plant books, as I’m interested in plants inside my house and in my garden and this one is OK, I guess. It’s quite ‘matey’ in tone, which can grate after a while (no, you can’t call my house my ‘gaff’. I’m northern), but it does have some good, if repetitive, advice. Its plant index is good, listing plants according to their origins and focusing on a sort of ‘core collection’ of plants, which makes it an ideal book for your sister who’s about to go away to uni or your mate who’s just discovered the trendy plant shop in the North Laine (it’s called Spiderplant, by the way, and is very good.) I was baffled to find a chapter on flower arranging towards the end of the book, which felt as if it as there for a bit of filler, as are the plant descriptions at the back, which felt like they’d been presented already earlier on in the book. There’s not a lot here for seasoned plant devotees, but for beginners it’s probably spot on, although I’d also maybe recommend The Virgin Gardener by Laila Maklouf, which is where I started my plant obsession.

I need to go and water my plants now.

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