COMICS//Step Aside, Pops- Kate Beaton


I love Kate Beaton’s work- her online comics are brilliant (Dude Watching with the Brontes is my favourite of ALL TIME) and her kids’ books are present staples for any small people I know. It’s surprising that it’s taken me so long to pick this book up, but I saw it in the library and couldn’t resist.

In it. Beaton’s trademark weird historical humour and feminist takes on everything from superheroes (fed up Lois Lane is a classic, as is cynical Wonder Woman) and the ridiculousness of teenage princes leading battles. There’s also a brilliant take on the Austen v Bronte fandoms and a quite detailed series of Wuthering Heights, in which Heathcliff is described a ‘small angry squirrel’. I also learnt a surprising amount about Maximillian I of Mexico, as well as pausing when I was reading to find out more about Ida B. Wells and Katherine Sui Fun Cheung. I love that I can learn something AND have a laugh at the same time!

I think Beaton has slowed down a bit on the Hark a Vagrant comics, which is a shame. But at least we still have her books in the meantime.

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