FICTION//The Secrets You Hide- Kate Helm*


Georgia has it all: she’s a brilliant court artist, a flat in a really nice part of Brighton, friends who care about her and a commission to paint a picture for the cover of ground-breaking book. But she also is worried that the little boy she keeps seeing means she’s going mad.

The portrait draws Georgia back into her first ever case- one that, at the time felt cut and dried and straightforward, a clear case of heroes and villains-  and makes her question everything she ever thought she knew about evil. It also makes her revisit her own traumatic past and who she once was. Unfortunately, this also makes her vulnerable.

I thought that this was a really interesting idea for a psychological thriller- very often we see things through the eyes either of the victim or someone in a more conventional role within the criminal justice system. Georgia is neither of these in a traditional sense, so it goes to show that there are some new perspectives in a genre that can feel a little re-hashed.

There are genuinely surprising moments, although there are also sections that feel a bit rushed. However, I have no doubt that die hard fans of the genre will devour this novel in no time at all.

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