1. Why did you start the blog?

I was writing reviews of every book I read on my other blog, stephaniepomfrett.co.uk– I wanted to have a dedicated space to keep track of what I was reading!

2. What sort of thing do you read?

I read pretty widely, but tend to favour fiction with a historical bent. I’ll give pretty much anything a go, although I’m not a massive fan of fantasy or romance novels (despite the fact I keep threatening to write a Mills and Boon novel.)

3. Where do you get your books from?

I read a mixture of books I’ve bought myself, borrowed from the library or that I’ve been sent for review. I will always state if my books are review copies.

4. What format do you prefer to read?

I have a Kindle and I prefer to read fiction on it. However, nothing quite beats a paperback!

5. Can I send you my book to review?

Drop me an email or tweet and we can talk- if it’s something I’m interested in, then probably!


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