2016: Year in Books

‘Young Girl Reading’- Jean-Baptiste-Camille Corot (1868)

I didn’t get as much read in 2016 as I did in 2015; this is probably mainly because I read two hefty non-fiction books (Juliet Barker’s The Brontes and Mary Beard’s SPQR.) I also made a start on reading/re-reading the output of the Brontes (and then promptly got sidetracked by a combination of review books and library books.) I am planning on kickstarting my project in 2017- and I’m eyeing up War and Peace or Anna Karenina as my next ‘project’ read after that. Always thinking ahead, me.

I tried to expand my horizons a bit and read novels set across the globe; I instantly fell in love with Chimamanda Ngozi Adiche’s Purple Hibiscus and I travelled around the world via The Girl With A Pearl Earring and The Muse. Next year, I’d like to read a wider range of authors from across the world and nationalities. I have a lot of work to do in that area and any suggestions will be welcome!

I was so lucky this year to read books way before their release date- including a book which I am sure will be huge (and which I’m not supposed to review until nearer release in May!) I think you should definitely keep your eye out, though, for See What I Have Done; a novel about Lizzie Borden and genuinely one of the creepiest and most thrilling novels I have ever read. I’ll have a review for you soon, I promise.

My favourite book released this year was Eowyn Ivey’s To The Bright Edge Of The World, which is just wonderful in every way. I also loved The Muse, although maybe not quite as much as I loved its predecessor, The Miniaturist.

Although I want to continue reading outside of my comfort zone, I am proud of the fact that 82% of the books I reviewed this year were written by women.

Overall, this year has been a good one for me, in terms of reading. Books have been my solace from the uncertainty of the world and have allowed me to travel, to insulate myself from the outside of the world, while at the same time teaching me and helping me understand what was happening. I suspect that books will continue to provide this for many people as we navigate the choppy waters of 2017.

Whatever your plans for next year are, I wish you a happy and peaceful 2017. Keep reading!

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