GRAPHIC NOVEL//Through The Woods- Emily Carroll

Through the Woods (Mar):

I haven’t read any graphic novels in a while, but I was instantly drawn to this one in Dave’s Comics in Brighton (although I ended up borrowing it from the library.) I love anything that looks like it might be related to really dark, twisty fairy tales and this looked like it would fit the bill, although ultimately this is more Angela Carter’s Bloody Chamber than Disney.

Each short story involves the woods and its mysteries: three sisters are terrorised by a man in a hat; a young bride finds a dark secret that leads her to the woods; there’s a strange incident involving two brothers; there’s something untoward with a psychic; and a young girl discovers something horrifying at the heart of her family. All of these tales are beautifully illustrated and each one has a different way of freaking out the reader. I would  have liked the stories to be longer, but that’s just me. I just felt like I was being cut off, but I think that unease and unsettling quality is part of the work. It’s bloody gorgeous to look at, whatever I think. This won’t be the last graphic novel I read this year.

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