Things have been quiet around here (I have still been reading, but they’re *hefty* books! Still met my goal of 40 books in 2017, so all good.)

Anyway, I had an idea the other day. I spend a lot of time on Twitter and I spend a lot of time feeling depressed about the world/talking about books. I figured why not combine the two and create a democratic, feminist book club on Twitter? So I tweeted about it, not really expecting anyone to respond. BUT THEY DID. Hurrah!

The idea is simple: every month, we’ll read a book, nominated and voted for by participants of #FeministBookClub- right now, we’re prepping for January. Reading will take place at readers’ leisure and a discussion can take place using the rather unwieldy hashtag as you go along- with a main discussion (with potential spoilers!) on the last weekend of the month. I’ll also blog my own thoughts here, as usual. Does all of  that make sense?! I’m hoping that we can explore a range of women’s voices, stories and experiences through a combination of genres. All nominations will be considered.

On to the books for January (click on the image to go to the Goodreads page for each book- feel free to add me when you’re there, if you like. I’m wuthering_alice):



Go and vote for your favourite on Twitter (the poll is my pinned tweet!)- you have until the 20th to choose. And if you’re thinking ahead, I’ll be opening nominations for February’s book on December 1st, where the theme will be YA fiction.

Thoughts on future themes? Nominations? Questions? Tweet me! Don’t forget to use the trendily snappy #FeministTwitterBookClub!


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