Book review: The Life Changing Magic of Tidying- Marie Kondo


Full disclosure- I am currently sitting in a room with toys everywhere, as well as various piles of books, makeup and other sundries. I am not, it is safe to say, in the process of KonMari-ing my house. Friends LAUGHED when I told them I was reading this book (which, by the way, I had to read in a day. It was due back at the library the next day and I’d forgotten about it, as it was hidden under a pile of stuff. Fitting. I’d like to point out that, contrary to what Benn says and the evidence presented here, I am not actually a hoarder. I just have a lot of stuff.)

Marie Kondo is currently an international sensation, thanks to her KonMari method. I get it, I do. We’ve reached peak stuff and there are videos of her all over the place, folding t-shirts, organising desks and generally being lovely and efficient and respectful of slobs like me. She looks lovely, she says lovely things and apparently she thanks her handbag at the end of every day. People are buying both her books (FYI: I’ve looked at her second book ‘Spark Joy’, which apparently is this book with a few line drawings) as if they’re the holy grail of modern life. There’s a backlash. And so on and on.

But. BUT. That’s not to say I’m going to write everything in the book off. OK, I’m not going to subscribe to the thought that it’s weird to have over a hundred unread books and that I should rip out pages of things I liked from books I’ve read, but I might actually sort my clothes out. I think we have clothes in every room bar the kitchen at the moment; our house is quite chaotic. I’m thinking about having a sort out (which I generally do every six months) and using some KonMari principles when organising my clothes. I draw the line at talking to my socks though.


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  1. This book made me purge a lot of books.. But not to her ideals. It makes my shelves look less cluttered, but I guess I am not ready to go quite as extreme as she suggests!


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