CRIME//Ragdoll- Daniel Cole*


There are books that I see being mentioned loads on social media and this is one of them. I’m lucky enough to be able to sometimes get my hands on some of these books before they’re published. Some of them are worthy of the hype, some not so much. This one is one of the most hyped of recent months (it’s not published until February) and I can tell you now- this is going to be HUGE.

Imagine, if you will, that you’re a police detective newly accepted back onto the force after a traumatic experience. You’re divorced, living in a tiny flat… and a killer leaves a corpse nearby as a warning. Oh, and that corpse is made up of six bodies and there’s a list of future murders: names, dates and times- and your name is on it. What do you do? If you’re Wolf, you work doggedly to solve the crime, all while the media is watching your every move. As well as all that, you’re sort of involved in a dysfunctional relationship with your co-worker and the boundaries between you and her are really blurred. All fine and normal, yes?

This is a crime novel that takes the crime novel and has glorious, gory fun with it. It’s fast and funny, and it looks askance at our reality TV obsession with crime (there is literally a ‘death clock’, counting down the time until the next murder.) In an age in which we’ve just seen a reality TV star voted to the White House, it doesn’t really seem hugely far fetched, does it? And the media, led by Wolf’s ex-wife, is almost a character in itself. As a news junkie, I found this fascinating and frightening: I couldn’t tear myself away. A cliche, but it’s true.

Without giving too much away (you really need to read it yourself) I’d like to request a series, please. Thanks.



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